Sessions with Whitney B are not the traditional 1, 2, 3, CHEESE style! I try to make every session as unique and fun as possible, so be ready to pose like a dork, spin around, jump, lay in some dirt, just get ready yo have some fun. :)

I love props & accessories, feel free to bring anything to the session that is important to you! Or that you just want to use as a prop, I'm up for anything! Props add so much more to your session, & they're so fun. If your unsure, it's okay I usually bring the Whitney B PROP BAG with me! I collect props so there's bound to be something we can work with. I just really want to get to know you & your style!

Booking & availability?
Sessions are booked at LEAST a week to two weeks in advance, but anytime before that. :) The earlier the better! Availability, weekdays are limited as weekends are usually more available, although the earlier you contact me, the better chances you are of being able to schedule the date your prefer. :) Contact me at whitneybphotography@ymail.com!

What is the best time to have your session take place?
Whitney B is a natural light photographer, working on location. The location of your choice, & if your unsure browse the blog & let us know what type of place you're looking for, I can suggest some great places. I love the use of natural light, therefore it is highly recommended that your session take place in the early evening, (time varies depending on the time of year) this ensures the best use of light. Of course exceptions can be made if need be, but for absolute best results we recommend shooting in the early evening when the sun is low & gorgeous!

What to wear?
COLOR. COLOR. COLOR. & COLOR. I love bright fresh colors. Wear something that compliments your style & who you are. Also, accessorize it up! Accessories are great & my favorite. Also, each session comes with unlimited outfit changes, so feel free to bring tons of clothes (& SHOES, P.S. I love shoe shots), more than you want to wear, I'm good at making suggestions. :)

Online Galleries?
With each session I offer online galleries, at my proofing site www.whitneyb.smugmug.com. The way your online gallery works is after I finish editing your session I put all the finished images in your gallery whatever it may be called, as it will be in categories whether I shot your wedding, engagements, seniors, portraits, etc. you will find all the finished images in there online to view & order prints. As you may choose whether you want your gallery to be open or password protected, which makes it very easy to order prints in array of sizes, canvas products, & or digital downloads.

When will & how will I receive my images?
After your session, it usually takes at least a week to 10 days to fully edit your session, weddings & events take at least 2-3 weeks (may be longer depending on your specific event) at which your images will appear on your online gallery first. Then you will receive all your images on a CD, either by mail, or  if you would like to arrange a time to meet up somewhere so I can give you your images that is okay by me, in most cases. Sometimes mailing your images is much easier.

Please contact me via email @ whitneybphotography@ymail.com, or my contact page, as I will send my pricing right over to you. :)

Please contact me if I have not answered any of your questions! I'd be happy to answer them :)