Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Kim | Maternity Session

Yes, I know, I am the world's worst blogger. I should get the worst blogger award of the year. I know I was supposed to blog this a couple days ago, but unfortunately life happened, but I made this post a SUPER long post if that makes up for it! :) This session was super fun, & there's just too much to all of show you. Need-less to say this was my first maternity session and I had no idea how this was going to go, how exactly I should pose, & all that stuff. So, what do I do, get a ton of props and searched & searched other photographer's blogs for some ideas, that I turned into my own ideas. P.S: Some of my favorite photographers that I pretty much blog stalk, Jamie Delaine, Stephanie Fay, & Cassidy Brooke, absolutely love all of their work. SO their blogs are a big help to me, when I'm at a loss.

Anyways this session is filled with tons of props. I mean TONS. It was so fun & pregnant women are so beautiful, they're bellies are beautiful. :) Love it! I honestly can't wait to do more maternity sessions with time to come. :) A little background on this session Kim was my babysitter when I was growing up and will forever be a life long friend. She watched my mom raise us three girls, so my Mom of course wanted to come to this shoot because she thought it so ironic, now my mom is watching her with her three children, I'm pretty sure it brought tears to her eyes considering Kim is like her fourth child. As Kim also brought along her other two little babies, Jamison & Marli, that are absolutely adorable I can't get enough of them! They had fun at the session too, always saying baby Keatyn, it was just so cute. :)

Okay enough talk, enjoy! P.S: Let me know what you guys think, I love hearing from you!

We started the session with her & Marli, AH this is WAY too adorable. :)
Kisses for baby Keatyn!

First Prop, I had this idea with the frame. I actually love the way it turned out. :) And if you saw the sneak peek we did another one with a cute scarf tied around her belly, I couldn't decide what I liked better.

Okay so how awesome is this: While we were shooting a ladybug just lands on her gorgeous pregnant belly. That's gotta be good luck. It was great :)

Second Prop. Baby shoes. I brought along four pairs not knowing which ones to use, so what did we do, exactly this!
Then I did a shot with just the baby pink shoes, loved it. :)

I absolutely adore this series. :)
This laughing one has got to be the cutest thing ever. 
And for this shot, I was definitely trying to balance on a bench, yes call me crazy, but I loved this shot!

Everyone looking at baby Keatyn!
Baby blocks!
Okay so before we went to the location I found these in Kim's house. I remembered seeing Cassidy Brooke using a magazine in her first maternity session, so I thought I'd give it a try with all the other baby details. :)

Then I did some of Marli by herself with this awesome umbrella I brought she loved it. 

Next prop, old headphones! I got this idea from Jamie Delaine,  and turned it into my own with the bigger style headphones & such. :)

Jamison started to get into the whole headphones idea too, he was having fun.
Then he wanted to put them on. So I took some portraits of him. :)

He is just way to cute. :)
Then for our last idea, which is all props to Kim, she wanted to put Jamison's & Marli's handprints on her belly, I literally jumped up and down when I heard her idea, well maybe not literally but I was excited!

I loved how the idea turned out. :)
Marli & Jamison's hands covered in paint! 
Then one last one of everyone's hands on Kim's belly, so precious!
Okay so hope that didn't overwhelm you, that was a ton I know! 

Check back soon for an awesome wedding on the blog. :)

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