Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Zander & Madison | Portraits

First off Zander & Madison have got to be some of the cutest babies EVER! AH, so adorable & so fun to take pictures of. :) I did this session quite a while ago, but couldn't post because it was a mother's day gift, & what a great gift! Pictures make an absolute amazing gift, well I think so anyway. So this was just a short little session, I swear probably like 15 minutes, simply because they didn't have much of an attention span. It was so fun though, kids just do the most unexpected things sometimes, they're faces, laughs, just everything. I loved it! I'm sure I'll be shooting these kiddos again, so it won't be the only time you see them on this blog! I love them to death. :) Enjoy:

So adorable. Enough said.
Cutie patootie Zander. :)

And then he made that face, too cute. Love it!
AH she is so precious. :) 
Can you say CUTE or what!? :)

Absolutely love them. :)

The end. 
Stay tuned for more blog posts coming your way!

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