Thursday, May 13, 2010

Kylee | Senior Session Part I

SO, like I said probably my favorite session to date! I swear I have way too many favorites. So I broke it down into two posts for all of you :) And today you can view part one, as I even put a sneak peek to part two in there, just to get you guys excited! Part II of Kylee's Senior Session will be up tomorrow! Kylee is a senior graduating from Cactus Shadows High School and attending Penn Sate University next year, I am absolutely so excited for her! And can't wait to see what she does in this world, whatever it is she'll do great :) During this session I really wanted to experiment with props, (in which I now use props for almost all my sessions!) I LOVE props. They add so much more I think :) So before our shoot we got some red balloons & sunflowers, my absolute favorite. And when we got to our location there was so many great props within the area, such as the old rusty truck! Of course the owner didn't mind us using it, which is nice. :) It was so different from anything I ever shot before, & I was loving it! With that said: Enjoy Kylee's Senior Session! Stay tuned for Part II tomorrow :)

Again with those shoe shots, I love um!
I loved this location, even if it was an old rusty trailer park, it was so fun :)

Cowboy boots was a score :)
First prop: Red balloons. :)

And then there was this great old teal-colored trailer, talk about awesome!

Sunflowers. :) :) P.S. I love my 50mm.

Kylee working it! SO pretty. :)

Absolutely adored this truck, my favorite prop so far!

Sneak Peek of Part II :)

Hope you all enjoyed them! Tell me what you guys think!
Remember, stay tuned for Part II tomorrow :)
With an old country looking white fence, green grass, and gorgeous Kylee!

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Trina S. said...

dign the trailer the colors are very nice!