Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Kelsey | Senior Session

So like I said I have the opportunity of photographing awesome seniors. :) Kelsey is definitely one of those awesome seniors! Her session was so much fun, I had a blast. :) And yes I know I was supposed to blog this yesterday but unfortunately woke up with a throbbing throat, I've felt this feeling many times this year, so I knew what I was supposed to do. I drug myself to the doctor's office for them to tell me once again I had strep throat. BOOO, so I slept all day, took my medicine and I feel pretty good today. :) Good enough to not cancel the shoot I scheduled!

Anyways on that note of feeling so much better, I'm happy to blog Kelsey's senior session! Which I once again experimented with props. Awesome props I got while thrifting. I absolutely love thrifting. I don't even know if that's a word, but it's thrift store shopping. You can find so many awesome props, & that's exactly what I did. I'm definitely going to make thrifting a habit. So tell me what you guys think! I thought this session was a little different than most I've done, so I'd love feedback! Heading to get some rest, so I can get rid of this awful strep throat!  

Awesome old headphones & tape player. :)
Loved her yellow converse with it too!

UHM, how cute is she!?

Loved this old mint greenish tape player. :)
Kelsey was working it!
So pretty. :)

Favorite. :)

And then I made her get in a tree. So glad she didn't mind!

And what do I love most... shoe shots! As Kelsey brought a long all her pairs of converse! I loved the idea. :)

Check back soon for my first Maternity session! It's super cute. :)


Okay SO your probably unsure of why I called this post Pinkberry. Yes, pinkberry, what does that mean!? Well I'll tell you its my latest obsession. And ladies if you don't have VS's huge Pinkberry flavored lip balm go get it! I'm literally obsessed. I carry it everywhere with me & tell everyone about it. :) I think it's such a summer buy! And I completely love summer, I think it may be my favorite season. Just maybe, even though over here in Phoenix it's extremely hot & crazy temperatures I just love it & can't get enough of this beautiful summer sun. And I love summer shopping for cute flip flops, tanks, shorts, huge sunglasses, you name it, the point is I LOVE summer. Especially summer traveling. :) My favorite!

As I'm so excited to tell you guys all the awesome places I get to go. So I'm taking a two week trip to the east coast this summer. :) I practically do it every summer, & I love every bit of it. This summer, on June 30th I'm flying to Washington D.C., spending a few days there, & then driving to North Carolina to spend the week of 4th of July in a huge beach house with four other families. It's honestly one of the highlights of my year I love going. Being on the water for a week is simply amazing, & I just love the small town in the Outer Banks. Just wait it gets even better, after our week there we're driving back to New Jersey, to stay for another five days there, driving between Jersey & New York until we fly home the 14th. We're going into New York City which is simply amazing, I love that city more & more every time I visit. And on top of all that Jacob (the amazing boyfriend) gets to come with me this year, & considering he's never been to the east coast he's pretty dang excited and I'm so dang excited for him to come with me. :)

So I know I'm going to be shooting a ton while I'm there and I just can't wait to go, have fun, & shoot! I'm sure I'll be doing some sessions while I'm there too, so I'll definitely be blogging a ton. And if any of you blog readers out there are in that area & want to schedule a shoot with me by all means contact me! As I can see what I set up. :) I know I'm going to be doing a lot of traveling in that area so here's the break down for possible shoots:

July 1st-3rd Washington, D.C.
July 3rd-10th North Carolina, OBX (Outer Banks)
July 10th-14th New York, New Jersey

And because each post is better with images here's a sneak peek of Kelsey's awesome Senior Session! Which I will blog the rest tomorrow. :)

Check back tomorrow for the rest of Kelsey's session!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Ashley | Senior Session

Did I ever mention the amount of awesome seniors I have the opportunity of shooting! I just absolutely love senior shoots & can't get enough of them. :) Ashley's Senior Session was definitely one of my favs. Ashley is actually graduating today from Cactus Shadows High school (Congrats Ashley!), yes I am a bit behind on posts. Actually very behind, but I am catching up! I believe she's going to University of Arizona in Tucson next fall, so excited for her! Her session was way too much fun, & so many different looks. We walked around Old Town Scottsdale & found so many great places & it helped she brought so many cute outfits. I just had a blast shooting her, and looking at these senior shoots gets me so excited for the 2011 graduating senior season! Anyways enjoy: & let me know what ya think!

First spot we went to, awesome looking alley. :)

UHM, holy cuteness! 

Love laughs. :)

Then she brought out these for some fun shots. 

Love it! Super green. :)

Favorite. :)
Okay so don't laugh, YES I had her throwing flowers. Such a FALL thing to do with leaves, but I figured since Scottsdale hardly gets leaves, we could do this in the Spring with flowers. BLAH, I still thought it was cute. :) Maybe, maybe, yes. :)
And then I had her spin around, about a thousand times, I'm lucky she didn't pass out. Ha, it was cute though!

And I'll end with this last gorgeous one. :)
Head over to the facebook fan page HERE, to view a few more images! And become a fan!

P.S. I am blogging about my travel this summer soon! Just booked my flights yesterday, & super excited! :)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Zander & Madison | Portraits

First off Zander & Madison have got to be some of the cutest babies EVER! AH, so adorable & so fun to take pictures of. :) I did this session quite a while ago, but couldn't post because it was a mother's day gift, & what a great gift! Pictures make an absolute amazing gift, well I think so anyway. So this was just a short little session, I swear probably like 15 minutes, simply because they didn't have much of an attention span. It was so fun though, kids just do the most unexpected things sometimes, they're faces, laughs, just everything. I loved it! I'm sure I'll be shooting these kiddos again, so it won't be the only time you see them on this blog! I love them to death. :) Enjoy:

So adorable. Enough said.
Cutie patootie Zander. :)

And then he made that face, too cute. Love it!
AH she is so precious. :) 
Can you say CUTE or what!? :)

Absolutely love them. :)

The end. 
Stay tuned for more blog posts coming your way!