Thursday, April 8, 2010

Dominique & Lyttleton | Couples Session

Dominique & Lyttleton, a cute couple from Burbank California. :) An awesome couple! Okay so Dominique is my boyfriend's sister, can ya tell? Some people tell them they look like twins! Which is crazy, I don't know if they look like twins, but for sure brother and sister. They're in a family post of mine if you really want to check them out! So anyways, Jacob (the lovely boyfriend) and I drove up to Burbank, CA to stay with them for the week over Spring break, and AH it was amazing! I loved shooting in new places. The week was an absolute blast, but of course I'm sure you all know my favorite part was shooting them. :)

Their session was so much fun! Although sometimes they looked at me like I was crazy! As their exact words "You want us to do what? Really? People are watching us, I feel awkward." I couldn't help but laugh, so what do I do make my boyfriend and I do it too (he wasn't too happy about that, but of course he did it!), I was like come on now I did, so your turn! We had a fun time even if people were staring at us, who cares right!? Let me know what you guys think! I just love hearing from you. :)
Favorite. :)

I love this. Their emotions are breath taking. :)

Love. Love. Love.

And then I made them do this! They were like WHAAAAT!? I was like just trust me. :)  And they loved it!

I just couldn't decide between these two!

Santa Monica Pier. :)
Love this, love this, love this. :)

Okay so maybe lately I use this umbrella too much! You won't be seeing it for awhile. :)

Check back soon for more Seniors this weekend! I am having an absolute blast with senior shoots right now!

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