Monday, April 26, 2010

Anya | Portraits

SO this post is a bit shorter than the last. :) Sorry to have overwhelmed you! Anyways, is Anya gorgeous or what!? Model, anyone!? Her blue eyes are absolutely stunning :) We met up a few weeks ago for a short headshot session. As after Anya was in this dilemma of simply just in need of a headshot, I decided I should make that an option to clients, if they didn't need the entire session. So this session lasts about 30 to 45 minutes, we don't get too creative, and simply just focus on the "head shots". Simple enough for someone that just needs a quick session, ask me about it if your interested! Even though I love doing actually sessions and getting a little creative. :) So anyways, we made a good time out of our short little session and ended up with some beautiful images. The wind was a little crazy that day, but we worked it, and it actually made for some awesome shots, and the sun just seemed perfect in the green grass. :)

So hope you enjoy:

Wind I actually kinda love you. :) 

Favorite! Favorite! Favorite! :)

Check back soon for Kylee's Senior Session, which I'm dying to get out on the blog!

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