Monday, April 26, 2010

Anya | Portraits

SO this post is a bit shorter than the last. :) Sorry to have overwhelmed you! Anyways, is Anya gorgeous or what!? Model, anyone!? Her blue eyes are absolutely stunning :) We met up a few weeks ago for a short headshot session. As after Anya was in this dilemma of simply just in need of a headshot, I decided I should make that an option to clients, if they didn't need the entire session. So this session lasts about 30 to 45 minutes, we don't get too creative, and simply just focus on the "head shots". Simple enough for someone that just needs a quick session, ask me about it if your interested! Even though I love doing actually sessions and getting a little creative. :) So anyways, we made a good time out of our short little session and ended up with some beautiful images. The wind was a little crazy that day, but we worked it, and it actually made for some awesome shots, and the sun just seemed perfect in the green grass. :)

So hope you enjoy:

Wind I actually kinda love you. :) 

Favorite! Favorite! Favorite! :)

Check back soon for Kylee's Senior Session, which I'm dying to get out on the blog!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Lauren | Senior Session

Okay so maybe this post is the longest blog post in blogging history, but I just couldn't decide, I have too many favorites! And yes, yes I know a week as gone by since I gave you the sneak peek, but it's here now. :) So Lauren is a senior at Pinnacle High School and we talked and talked about doing her shoot for the longest time, which made me so excited when we actually got to do it! She is definitely full of personality and not shy in front of the camera, which made everything ten times easier. :) I love when people can be themselves in front of my camera, it really helps me capture you, and who you really are! So with that said we had tons of fun, laughs and giggles during her session. Her mom was there to join in the fun too. :) I have absolutely fallen in love with shooting seniors and I can't wait to shoot more! And more senior sessions are coming to the blog soon! Enjoy Lauren's :)

Definitely one of my favorites. :) And I know it was in the sneak peek, but I just had to show it with the actually post! Because I love it soo much!

She seriously never stopped laughing, it was great. :)

Love this. 

Gorgeous smile!

Another all time favorite! This place was great. :)

Okay I know this umbrella is over-used but I just couldn't resist!
Next shooting location: Love the all the amazing green grass. :)

And then I decided to hand her this, so much fun. :)

She's too cute! :) Love this series.

There's that laugh again!
And she's on the Lacrosse team, so I thought it was awesome to shoot some images in her uniform. :)
Hoped you guys weren't too overwhelmed with this super long post!
And hope you enjoyed it. :)

Check back soon for Anya's awesome shoot coming up next. :)

Friday, April 16, 2010

Lauren Senior Session | Sneak Peek

So I have some major catching up to do on shoots, so my way of making due for all of you loyal blog readers out there, giving you guys a sneak peek of my great senior session with Lauren! This session was absolutely one of the most fun sessions I've ever had! Can't wait to show you the rest. :)


Have a great Friday! More coming soon, of wonderful senior sessions. :) Which I have absolutely fallen in love doing, my latest wedding, and heading out for a maternity session tomorrow at which I already can't wait to get out on the blog!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Dominique & Lyttleton | Couples Session

Dominique & Lyttleton, a cute couple from Burbank California. :) An awesome couple! Okay so Dominique is my boyfriend's sister, can ya tell? Some people tell them they look like twins! Which is crazy, I don't know if they look like twins, but for sure brother and sister. They're in a family post of mine if you really want to check them out! So anyways, Jacob (the lovely boyfriend) and I drove up to Burbank, CA to stay with them for the week over Spring break, and AH it was amazing! I loved shooting in new places. The week was an absolute blast, but of course I'm sure you all know my favorite part was shooting them. :)

Their session was so much fun! Although sometimes they looked at me like I was crazy! As their exact words "You want us to do what? Really? People are watching us, I feel awkward." I couldn't help but laugh, so what do I do make my boyfriend and I do it too (he wasn't too happy about that, but of course he did it!), I was like come on now I did, so your turn! We had a fun time even if people were staring at us, who cares right!? Let me know what you guys think! I just love hearing from you. :)
Favorite. :)

I love this. Their emotions are breath taking. :)

Love. Love. Love.

And then I made them do this! They were like WHAAAAT!? I was like just trust me. :)  And they loved it!

I just couldn't decide between these two!

Santa Monica Pier. :)
Love this, love this, love this. :)

Okay so maybe lately I use this umbrella too much! You won't be seeing it for awhile. :)

Check back soon for more Seniors this weekend! I am having an absolute blast with senior shoots right now!