Saturday, April 3, 2010

Polaroids. Red Umbrella. Flowers. Love. In Santa Monica.

Over spring break me and Jacob (the amazing boyfriend) drove six hours to Burbank California. :) To visit his sister Dominique and her boyfriend Lyttleton which will be reappearing on the blog other than this post for their entire session. Anyways one of the days we drove to Santa Monica. And AH I loved it there, besides the fact that it was extremely foggy it was great. So what do I do pull out my new polaroid camera! Couldn't resist getting this baby after I saw it. Although some will argue it is NOT a REAL polaroid which is true but it's totally the same idea I just couldn't imagine giving it any other name. But it is indeed a Fuji film Instax camera but I love the word POLAROID so much better. :)

So you have it. Polaroids. The red umbrella, flowers, & love in Santa Monica. I absolutely love this series.

Love the sand beneath my feet. :)

Now that I think about it, this ^ was taken at Malibu beach. On a sunny day! But all the others of us are at Santa Monica, on a foggy day! Oops!

Definitely one of my absolute favorite images of me and Jake. :)

I love the way polaroids are so timeless. They have a style. A style I am so in love with. 

Sneak Peek: Of Dominique's & Lyttleton's Session!

Check back soon to see the rest of their adorable session. :)

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