Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Andria & Tanner | Couples Session

Andria & Tanner; I'll start off by saying what an adorable couple. :) This might possibly be my favorite session, and not just the pictures that came from the session, but the session as a whole. They were just so much fun! I love them, and wished absolutely every couple was this much fun! They were just so into it, I loved it. Although Andria which is my cousin, is quite a photography guru herself. What can I say, runs in the family maybe!? Ha. Well I hope Andria pursues photography because she is quite good at it, and has awesome photoshop skills and so creative with everything. :)

Anyways I love love love this session and I hope you do too. :)
Tell me what you think! I love your feedback.

Favorite. Favorite. Favorite. 

Probably my favorite picture I've ever taken. :)

It's love. :)

Their funky V-Day Tees that Andria made. :) YES, I know I should have blogged this a long time ago, better late than never. :)

Check back tomorrow for some beautiful engagements!

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