Saturday, March 13, 2010

Allison & Weston | Wedding

So, today is the day I vow I will become a better blogger! A more organized, more efficient blogger. I am going to work everyday at this, just as I work everyday to become a better photographer. Therefore, with that said I am NOT going to blog the previous sessions I've been holding on too, trying to blog sessions that are from months ago. Simply because I think I have improved since then, the camera, the style, I'm trying new things, new props :) I'm just falling in love with my newer sessions, so I don't see it worth it to show you guys the older sessions I am not so in love with. Okay glad I cleared that up.

Although this session is older, this is one of my first weddings. So I thought I would show you guys. :)
I present you Allison & Weston:
Details. :)

Absolutely love this. I just do. :)

AH, love this moment.

So happy. :)

Those dolls cracked me up. :)

Check back tomorrow for Andria & Tanner's Session on the blog!
Then I have a beautiful engagement to show you. :)
Then it's SENIOR time!

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Benjamin said...

Amazing shots whitney! Keep killin it!