Thursday, March 25, 2010

Jordyn | Senior Session

Finally a Senior session on this blog! As I've come to discover this love I have for senior portraits, I just love love love them. :) Their sessions are just so much fun and they are absolutely up for anything. So seniors I love you, book with me. Please! I so wish I would have taken advantage of getting "fun" senior pictures done when I was a senior last year, but no definitely didn't and definitely regret it! Contact me, graduation is right around the corner!

So this is Jordyn she's so awesome, fun, and not to mention gorgeous! She's a senior at North Canyon, and head cheerleader I believe. She brought her puppy to the shoot which was so cute too, I seriously just had a blast. We shot at a newer location for me, which was fun as Jordyn definitely thought I was crazy because I had no idea where I was going, but we both laughed it off! I really feel like I captured her through these images which is why I love what I do, I love capturing someone in their purest moments, as I try as hard as I can to make my clients feel comfortable with me while shooting them and letting them trust me, that's my goal to pose you crazy, and make your session fun! Well not so much crazy, but different. I simply just want to capture you. :)

As you can see I definitely had a hard time choosing my favorites, so again I just posted a bunch, which is only a handful of my favorites! So enjoy. :)

I got to use my umbrella! That I blogged about not too long ago, as I was super excited I got to. It's such a cute prop. :)

Puppy love. :)
Hello gorgeous! 
I love laughing pictures. 

She's too pretty! 

Favorite, favorite :) Loved this part of the session!

Check back soon for more senior sessions. :)
My latest Wedding, and my trip to California!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Cierra & Kody | Engagements

So have I mentioned how much I love couples!? Well I am now! Cierra & Kody the engaged couple, well now married couple! You'll see their wedding on here very soon. :) AS they're also expecting I'm sure to be an adorable little boy. Can't wait to welcome him into this world. So this was an engagement/ maternity session a few weeks before their wedding. SO adorable as you can see I had trouble picking my favorites, so I posted a bunch. :) As this was also my first session with my fairly new 5D camera and oh I am just absolutely in LOVE. If you don't have this camera, get it. :) It does wonders!

SO I love this session. End of story. I hope you love it too!

A gorgeous couple in the park. :)

My favorite, favorite, favorite! :)

Belly, so adorable. I love it. AH.

Baby, baby, baby! A baby boy. :) They are both so excited it's adorable!
Meet Riley. :)
Such an awesome puppy!

Love. :)

Love this series. 

The end. :)

Andria & Tanner | Couples Session

Andria & Tanner; I'll start off by saying what an adorable couple. :) This might possibly be my favorite session, and not just the pictures that came from the session, but the session as a whole. They were just so much fun! I love them, and wished absolutely every couple was this much fun! They were just so into it, I loved it. Although Andria which is my cousin, is quite a photography guru herself. What can I say, runs in the family maybe!? Ha. Well I hope Andria pursues photography because she is quite good at it, and has awesome photoshop skills and so creative with everything. :)

Anyways I love love love this session and I hope you do too. :)
Tell me what you think! I love your feedback.

Favorite. Favorite. Favorite. 

Probably my favorite picture I've ever taken. :)

It's love. :)

Their funky V-Day Tees that Andria made. :) YES, I know I should have blogged this a long time ago, better late than never. :)

Check back tomorrow for some beautiful engagements!