Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Panzarino Family & Mia, Michael, & Michelle Portraits

OKay, so I'm sure you're wondering why there are two different families here? Well you see these were a series of Mini- Family Portrait Sessions I did for Holiday Cards. I was flown out to Florida to shoot a 100 Birthday Party, (which I am blogging soon!) as four of the families wanted me to shoot their holiday cards on the beach. SO I'm just combining the blogposts, each one with two families, so in the next couple of days you'll see the next two families. Got it, good :)

So anyways here is the Panzarino Family up first. As I must say what a gorgeous, gorgeous family. Four handsome boys! So darling. 
Beautiful family.
I love love love love love this.
The four boys. Price-less. This was the P-E-R-F-E-C-T moment, as said Jaci when I showed her the back of my camera after snapping this shot :)
AH. Okay so the image on the right, favorite, love the wind in Jaci's hair. I love the beach!
THE Family Portrait :)

Now: Mia, Michael, & Michelle Portraits. 
I love the shot on my right, perfect brother and sister.
My all time favorite! And Michelle's too!
Mia, Michael, and Michelle :)
Lastly, but not the least this cute shot :) Michelle said she always wanted a picture with Mia on Michael's back and AH, it's too cute. 

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