Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Janine, Taylor, Casey, Nicolette, & the Rao Family Portraits

SO, here is the second round of Mini-Family Portrait Sessions from the beach in beautiful Florida. As each and everyone of these families is so beautiful, I loved taking their portraits, especially on the beach! Although I was not feeling the greatest, I pulled through. As there is a little story behind that.. okay so I flew into Florida the day after Thanksgiving, as I was already up at 3:00 AM that day, to work a 4AM to 12PM shift on Black Friday, yes I work retail. My flight left at 4PM that day as I arrived in Florida around 10PM with the time change. As soon as I got off the plane, my head was pounding and I was having the chills. I thought OH, great this is going to be a wonderful shooting weekend, and didn't think too much of it, I thought I just needed some sleep. So, when we got to the hotel late that night, I hung out for a little while, ended up going to bed at 1:00AM, just what I needed right!?

I slept until about 8 that morning as I knew I needed to get up for portraits, as I just kept dragging the sleep on, I kept telling myself "five more minutes, that's it". And then the time had come.. I honestly dragged myself out of bed, threw my hair up, threw on a sweater, didn't even as so much wipe off the make-up from the night before and was out the door ready to shoot! I know I must of looked so stunning. I excused myself by saying, "just for the record this not what I look like on a good day, but I feel completely horrible, but let's shoot some portraits"! It wasn't so bad when I started shooting, but after the two hours of shooting oh man I was feeling this sickness. I had a hour to get ready for my next shoot which is the 100th birthday party, need-less to say I hadn't eaten anything between these shoots as I didn't even feel like food. I was so drowsy. It was bad, and I even ended up throwing up at the party, which was embarrassing let me tell you. As I also ended up staying in Florida an extra 2 or 3 days because I was so sick. It was definitely a trip to remember, but I'm so glad I pulled through and captured some great moments.

So enjoy: First up, Janine, Taylor, Casey, & Nicolette Family Portraits.
Four beautiful girls. 

My favorite, favorite, favorite, favorite! AH.

Now: The Rao Family Portraits.
AH. Such a cute brother and sister.

The Family :) Such a happy family. 
Hope you enjoyed the beach portraits :)
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