Friday, January 15, 2010

Colorado Part II :)

Despite the fact that it is 1:30 A.M. here.. I am blogging :) Hey, there's nothing like an early morning blogpost, right!? Well, yeah call me crazy... but I love this stuff. So, I'm home for Colorado with a handful of sessions to blog, & weddings to edit! As I thought I should give you guys a blogpost of the rest of my trip and what a blast I had! I'll start off by simply stating.. Colorado is an absolutely beautiful place.. but if your from Scottsdale your going to be freezing! I was freezing the entire trip and I missed my nice 70 degree weather at home, but ah Colorado is such a BEAUTIFUL place :) I had so much fun meeting new people there and just enjoying myself. I also got a photoshoot done myself by the lovely Cassidy Brooke of Olive Tree Photography for some business shots (check the NEW header!) and couples shots with my amazing boyfriend as the images turned out awesome! Head over to her blog at! As I also snagged a few photos of Cassidy despite the fact that we were freezing, at which I gave you a preview of :) I'll be blogging some of my new business shots along with Cassidy's shoot, ah it was just a blast shooting with her! Look forward to that!

Uhm can you say beautiful!?

Ah I love everything about this :)
And this :)

My boyfriend Jacob and I craved our names in a tree.. so cute.. my idea of course :)

 And gorgeous Cassidy! 
Look forward to more of her mini session this weekend plus my new business shots :)

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