Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Beautiful Colorado

So, here I am finally blogging! I know, I know.. it's been FOREVER and I apologize :) I've been very busy with holiday shoots, and the holidays alone. I have many many sessions to blog so I hope you all are very excited. I have numerous family holiday shoots to show you, I shot four beautiful families in Florida on the beach, as I also shot a 100th Birthday Party in Florida as well, while I was throwing up & running a 102 fever! That's a story to come when I blog the session! I also shot my first two weddings! Can you say ah! I absolutely loved it, look forward to seeing those as well. And I also shot my own family's portraits that I will be blogging :)

As for now I am in beautiful Colorado in a small town called Woodland Park with boyfriend Jacob visiting all of his friends from high school since he used to live here! I absolutely love it :) I'm having so much fun besides the fact that its freezing! And nobody gets it... I live in Phoenix people where it's hot all year round! Although it's definitely a nice change, but I think I like my warm weather better. As I decided I should show you guys some of the few images I've taken here of the many more to come! I hope you enjoy these! As I hope everybody had a great holiday and happy new year! Hopefully now I can get back on a regular blogging schedule! Look forward to more soon!
I love this image even though it is only tree branches :)
I believe this is Pikes Peak... beautiful huh??

My boyfriend wrote this in the snow.... it was too cute I had to take a picture of it :)
We went out shooting yesterday.. and this was my attempt had shooting something!
My boyfriend Jacob shooting :)

My boyfriend and his friends deciding on who won the contest I believe... :)

Look forward to more everybody!

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Anonymous said...

great pics..... you'll have to go hunting some time !