Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Janine, Taylor, Casey, Nicolette, & the Rao Family Portraits

SO, here is the second round of Mini-Family Portrait Sessions from the beach in beautiful Florida. As each and everyone of these families is so beautiful, I loved taking their portraits, especially on the beach! Although I was not feeling the greatest, I pulled through. As there is a little story behind that.. okay so I flew into Florida the day after Thanksgiving, as I was already up at 3:00 AM that day, to work a 4AM to 12PM shift on Black Friday, yes I work retail. My flight left at 4PM that day as I arrived in Florida around 10PM with the time change. As soon as I got off the plane, my head was pounding and I was having the chills. I thought OH, great this is going to be a wonderful shooting weekend, and didn't think too much of it, I thought I just needed some sleep. So, when we got to the hotel late that night, I hung out for a little while, ended up going to bed at 1:00AM, just what I needed right!?

I slept until about 8 that morning as I knew I needed to get up for portraits, as I just kept dragging the sleep on, I kept telling myself "five more minutes, that's it". And then the time had come.. I honestly dragged myself out of bed, threw my hair up, threw on a sweater, didn't even as so much wipe off the make-up from the night before and was out the door ready to shoot! I know I must of looked so stunning. I excused myself by saying, "just for the record this not what I look like on a good day, but I feel completely horrible, but let's shoot some portraits"! It wasn't so bad when I started shooting, but after the two hours of shooting oh man I was feeling this sickness. I had a hour to get ready for my next shoot which is the 100th birthday party, need-less to say I hadn't eaten anything between these shoots as I didn't even feel like food. I was so drowsy. It was bad, and I even ended up throwing up at the party, which was embarrassing let me tell you. As I also ended up staying in Florida an extra 2 or 3 days because I was so sick. It was definitely a trip to remember, but I'm so glad I pulled through and captured some great moments.

So enjoy: First up, Janine, Taylor, Casey, & Nicolette Family Portraits.
Four beautiful girls. 

My favorite, favorite, favorite, favorite! AH.

Now: The Rao Family Portraits.
AH. Such a cute brother and sister.

The Family :) Such a happy family. 
Hope you enjoyed the beach portraits :)
Leave me some love, I love hearing from you!

Check back soon for my latest weddings and more portrait shoots!

Panzarino Family & Mia, Michael, & Michelle Portraits

OKay, so I'm sure you're wondering why there are two different families here? Well you see these were a series of Mini- Family Portrait Sessions I did for Holiday Cards. I was flown out to Florida to shoot a 100 Birthday Party, (which I am blogging soon!) as four of the families wanted me to shoot their holiday cards on the beach. SO I'm just combining the blogposts, each one with two families, so in the next couple of days you'll see the next two families. Got it, good :)

So anyways here is the Panzarino Family up first. As I must say what a gorgeous, gorgeous family. Four handsome boys! So darling. 
Beautiful family.
I love love love love love this.
The four boys. Price-less. This was the P-E-R-F-E-C-T moment, as said Jaci when I showed her the back of my camera after snapping this shot :)
AH. Okay so the image on the right, favorite, love the wind in Jaci's hair. I love the beach!
THE Family Portrait :)

Now: Mia, Michael, & Michelle Portraits. 
I love the shot on my right, perfect brother and sister.
My all time favorite! And Michelle's too!
Mia, Michael, and Michelle :)
Lastly, but not the least this cute shot :) Michelle said she always wanted a picture with Mia on Michael's back and AH, it's too cute. 

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Michael's Portrait Session

Where do I even begin... Michael and I have become such good friends over the past year or two. We went to elementary school together but it wasn't until he moved home from Vegas that we become close friends. You know there's that little pack of friends that you always hangout with.. and he's definitely a part of that. Although my closest friends and I miss him so much since he joined the army, but we'll support him every bit of the way :) And this year when he came home for the holidays I was like I am doing a portrait session with you.. I don't care what you say we are doing it! And that was that :) He is being deployed tomorrow and ah it's nerve wrecking but he'll be safe and in our prayers, while we write him letters and just can't wait for him to come home! We support our troops! Be safe Michael, we all love you and are so proud of you, can't wait for you to come home! I hope you guys enjoy this session it is definitely one of my all time favorites :)
Look at that smile!

Brave solider :)

Check back soon for lots of Holiday sessions I still need to blog, plus my latest weddings!

Cassidy Brooke | Portraits

So during my trip in Colorado my boyfriend & I got couples pictures and business shots taken by the amazing Cassidy Brooke. Of course I set this up ahead of time.. as I kept counting down the days until our shoot! I found Cassidy through some of my boyfriend's friends; they went to the same high school together and as soon as I found her blog I couldn't stop reading and scrolling through images. I absolutely love her work, and knew I had to set up a shoot with her so I did :) As it was everything I could of asked for and more! Cassidy did such an amazing job and I love the images and couldn't wait to get them on here for all of you to see! It was so hard deciding I just love them all :) If you haven't already you definitely need to check out her blog at www.olivetreeblog.net! So after our shoot Cassidy and I had some fun even though we were freezing, while I took some shots of her as I swear my hands were about to fall off because they were so cold.. although I just think all the images turned out so darn cute :) It was so much fun being on the other end the camera and shooting with her of course.. let's just say it was a blast!
My absolute favorite!

UHM... adorable? Yes :)

Love these last two :)
Notice the new header ^^ :)
AHHH I swear I had so many favorites.. I wish I could show you them all!

I love when he looks at me like that.

My favorite, favorite, favorite!
Love is in the air. Yes I think so :)

Check back tomorrow for Michael's Portrait session!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Colorado Part II :)

Despite the fact that it is 1:30 A.M. here.. I am blogging :) Hey, there's nothing like an early morning blogpost, right!? Well, yeah call me crazy... but I love this stuff. So, I'm home for Colorado with a handful of sessions to blog, & weddings to edit! As I thought I should give you guys a blogpost of the rest of my trip and what a blast I had! I'll start off by simply stating.. Colorado is an absolutely beautiful place.. but if your from Scottsdale your going to be freezing! I was freezing the entire trip and I missed my nice 70 degree weather at home, but ah Colorado is such a BEAUTIFUL place :) I had so much fun meeting new people there and just enjoying myself. I also got a photoshoot done myself by the lovely Cassidy Brooke of Olive Tree Photography for some business shots (check the NEW header!) and couples shots with my amazing boyfriend as the images turned out awesome! Head over to her blog at www.olivetreeblog.net! As I also snagged a few photos of Cassidy despite the fact that we were freezing, at which I gave you a preview of :) I'll be blogging some of my new business shots along with Cassidy's shoot, ah it was just a blast shooting with her! Look forward to that!

Uhm can you say beautiful!?

Ah I love everything about this :)
And this :)

My boyfriend Jacob and I craved our names in a tree.. so cute.. my idea of course :)

 And gorgeous Cassidy! 
Look forward to more of her mini session this weekend plus my new business shots :)