Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Save our peaks Breast Cancer Walk at NAU

SO, about three weeks ago I attended a Breast Cancer Walk at Northern Arizona University at which my part in it was to document or shoot the event. I love coming out to these kind of events because there is just something about a group of people that come out and dedicate their time to a good cause :) It just makes me warm & bubbly inside, it makes me feel good. I'm sure everyone that participated in the event felt good :) SO, therefore I decided I wanted to commit to this event & dedicate my time, but I also wanted to give back too! As I came up with something which will help me do so, & allows you guys to participate too. I decided I would put these images on my smugmug account at www.whitneyb.smugmug.com at which anyone can order prints & I will donate 50% of all the proceeds to the Susan G. Komen for the Cure organization. So, if you attended the event and were part of it order a print or two! And if you weren't and you would still like to raise money you can order whichever print appeals to you the most :) This is for a great cause and I would love to see everyone participate! And I will definitely keep you all updated on how much money is being raised! Enjoy & go order today!
Just a few details:
I thought this image above was only appropriate with the pink ribbon in color to represent Breast Cancer :)
Everyone was so organized & willing to help in anyway! They all worked great together.
They were really working hard to get everything ready :)
And everyone should give a big thanks to Megan Rostowsky who pretty much ran the show :)
She is also how I got involved in shooting the event. We've actually known each other for quite some time, since grade school. Went through girl scouts together, such a long time ago! I'm glad this event brought us together!
Megan helping out organizing :)

Face painting, such a good idea!
Everyone gathering together to listen to the speakers.

Lastly the walk :)

Absolutely love the pink hearts!

That's it for now :)
Definitely check back in the next couple of days for some portrait sessions!

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