Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Holidays are here :)

The Holiday's are finally here! As I must tell you guys, I enjoy making these holiday cards more than anything. They have just made me so excited for the holidays this year, I'm just all smiles :) I wanted to show you guys some samples of what I've been making, & I must say if you are thinking about getting holiday pictures done I am running such great deals, but I am booking fast so hurry shoot me an email! There isn't much time left! Let me know what you think of all these special holidays cards, I would love to hear your feedback! These are only some of the many styles to chose from! And I seriously love them all, as you can tell I had a very hard time choosing which ones to show you guys, but they are all just too cute with so many beautiful families. Ah, I just can't get enough!

And I can't tell you guys enough how much I adore all my beautiful families I photograph!
I hope you guys enjoy these as much I as do :)
Leave me some love!

Delaney | Portraits

So, before I even begin, seriously now how CUTE is adorable Delaney!? Almost two weeks ago I did a session with Delaney for her 2nd birthday. I decided before doing this shoot I would bring many props that I thought would be adorable in the setting & would maybe help her interact in the shoot a little. I brought flowers, balloons, (which she loved by the way), & bubbles! And of course it worked a little, although she still wasn't too fond of my camera or maybe it was just too early in the morning! Although need-less-to-say I thought I captured some very adorable images at which some are my absolute favorite. She is just way to cute :) I'm upset I 'll be missing her birthday party, because I will be on my way home from a busy shooting weekend in Florida! As I will be shooting a 100th birthday party, & families' portraits on the beach, but I can't express enough how excited I am! Anyways, here's Delaney, enjoy:
My absolute favorite. She is just darling.

She's trying to blow bubbles! Such a cute moment :)
She definitely has the longest eyelashes I have ever seen! Look at those babies!
And I just love the flower in her hand in this image :)

She's turning two! Woo, love the balloons, they were her favorite.

And again with the baby feet. Ah, I just love tiny feet, they are adorable!

Look forward to my next post, hopefully tomorrow about my fantastic holiday cards! If you are thinking about getting holiday pictures done, I'm running great deals, email me pronto for details, there's not too much time left!

And I also have some exciting news for all of you! I'm moving up in the photography world, making some major investments. I just bought a new lens, a 50mm f/1.4, and a off-camera flash! I'll definitely share more later :) Have a great day!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Save our peaks Breast Cancer Walk at NAU

SO, about three weeks ago I attended a Breast Cancer Walk at Northern Arizona University at which my part in it was to document or shoot the event. I love coming out to these kind of events because there is just something about a group of people that come out and dedicate their time to a good cause :) It just makes me warm & bubbly inside, it makes me feel good. I'm sure everyone that participated in the event felt good :) SO, therefore I decided I wanted to commit to this event & dedicate my time, but I also wanted to give back too! As I came up with something which will help me do so, & allows you guys to participate too. I decided I would put these images on my smugmug account at at which anyone can order prints & I will donate 50% of all the proceeds to the Susan G. Komen for the Cure organization. So, if you attended the event and were part of it order a print or two! And if you weren't and you would still like to raise money you can order whichever print appeals to you the most :) This is for a great cause and I would love to see everyone participate! And I will definitely keep you all updated on how much money is being raised! Enjoy & go order today!
Just a few details:
I thought this image above was only appropriate with the pink ribbon in color to represent Breast Cancer :)
Everyone was so organized & willing to help in anyway! They all worked great together.
They were really working hard to get everything ready :)
And everyone should give a big thanks to Megan Rostowsky who pretty much ran the show :)
She is also how I got involved in shooting the event. We've actually known each other for quite some time, since grade school. Went through girl scouts together, such a long time ago! I'm glad this event brought us together!
Megan helping out organizing :)

Face painting, such a good idea!
Everyone gathering together to listen to the speakers.

Lastly the walk :)

Absolutely love the pink hearts!

That's it for now :)
Definitely check back in the next couple of days for some portrait sessions!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sneak Peek.

Okay, so this is my way of making due for all of you :)
I've been extremely busy this past week with school, I turned in my first 15 page paper & I wish it was my last! Have to love art history right... yeah not so much! Well besides the point I thought I should give you all a sneak peek of what I've been up to lately. I have four sessions here.. the Breast Cancer Walk I shot in Flagstaff, my beautiful sister I shot in Flagstaff, my boyfriend Jacob's portraits I decided to shoot because he is just too cute, & little Delaney's portraits for her 2nd birthday! I cannot wait to blog these sessions! So, stay tuned this week because I am hoping to get them all up here by then. And I also have a Christmas Card session to show you for my special on Christmas Cards this holiday season! Email me for more details, there's not too much time left! Enjoy: