Monday, October 5, 2009

Taylor | Portraits

SO, in case you guys haven't seen this beautiful amazing girl around, this is my absolutely gorgeous little sister Taylor. I took this session of her while we were vacationing over the summer in North Carolina, yes I know that was some time ago, but I decided to blog about it right now anyway :) 

These pictures just absolutely blow me away looking at her, she has grown so much  in these past years. As so have I and my other gorgeous little sister Haley, you probably remember her from this POST. I love photographing my sisters, because these sessions are "bonding" times for us, we have so much fun together, and they are willing to do almost anything for me to get the right shot. At first they're like UH, seriously Whitney? But in the end they say it's all worth it. What are sisters for honestly? I love my little sisters, and look forward to capturing more of their lives through my lovely camera! Enjoy, and leave some love! She is an absolutely beautiful girl!

NOTE: I made some minor changes to this blog post, I really don't know how these images escaped the blog! SO, I decided to add them, I feel like I do this a lot, but honestly I've been having a lot of tech difficulties this past month. Working between two computers, two softwares on two different computers, pictures tend to get a little jumbled. And with these specifically when I imported them, they somehow mixed in with all my other pictures, don't ask me how, I think computers have a mind of their own sometimes! So, thanks for bearing with me :) I hope you enjoy these 3 beautiful pictures I added below!

I had to put this on the blog! She is just so beautiful :)
Love the freeness of this image, everything just flows :) And honestly how did I let this escape the blog?? This is my favorite!

This spot was amazing! Although we ran out of time at this location because the beautiful sun was going away :/ Although this is what I managed to capture! I love it!
You cannot tell me she's just not absolutely stunning! Jealous much!

She's a beauty :)

Can't you just feel the water rushing up on your feet, as your toes sink into the soft sand? One of my all time favorite photos!
Love laughter :)
My famous foot picture, gotta love it! 

The sun makes her hair shine! It's beautiful.

Jumping ;)
She's grown into such a beautiful girl, and if you know her, you'll agree!

That's all for now, but check back in a couple days to see what I captured at the Aids Walk I supported yesterday :)


Taylor DiNota said...

whit, big sister !
thank you so much for all you have done for me ! i serisouly dont know what i would do without my bigger sister. i wanna thank you so much for doing my pictures, they turned out great, ! even though i dont like some of the ones you absolutely LOVE. haha, i still apreciate taking time out of your day to do these for me. and thanks for posting such nice comments about me and my pictures, it was really sweet. even though we fight A LOT , i still love you and you'll ALWAYS be someone i look up to.
i love you so much ! and i thank you again, i cant wait for another session :)

Joy Rubin said...

I love these pictures !! You have come a long way with your work and I know you will go far !!! Can you please post the session on smugmug !!

Love you

Anonymous said...

Your sister is absolutely gorgeous..!I love the way she pose,the photos are all nice and I would like to congratulate for a job well done..!!You are really great.!!
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