Friday, October 30, 2009

October 31st. Halloween :)

SO, yes Halloween is here :) The holiday every child looks forward too, to get a butt load of Candy! Halloween has so much to it, I just thought this post was necessary. I LOVE Halloween. And look forward to dressing up every year, having a spooky movie marathon, which I didn't have this year, yet! But just watching those old movies, you know the ones that don't really scare you anymore, they're just fun to watch, well for me anyways :) PUMPKIN CARVING, which is my absolute favorite! Going to the pumpkin patch to pick out your pumpkins :) I just love every bit of it. I hope you guys enjoy this post and your Halloween was filled with the same fun Halloween activities as mine! Halloween just doesn't seem right without them!
Scarecrows are always a great Halloween decoration :)

Okay so this image hurts my eyes a bit, but you get the idea! CORN, CORN, CORN, CORN, CORN!
So at the pumpkin patch they had this awesome corn maze and I couldn't pass up shooting it! This image is my absolute favorite :)
Corn is definitely a Fall season eating food.
Now, let's get spooky!
Spiderwebs! Eww, but so awesome :)

Okay so this image wouldn't post any smaller, but I posted it anyways I love it!
Cats are spooky too I guess :) Well mostly black cats but I liked this image anyways!
Pumpkin Patch!
And Halloween wouldn't be complete without a Jack-o'-lantern :)
I absolutely love carving pumpkins! This is one we made this year!

I hope you guys have a fun and safe Halloween tomorrow, cause I know I am :)
Hope you enjoyed! Leave me some comments I love hearing what you guys have to say!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Tartaglia Family | Family Portraits

So I'll begin with saying this family is so precious. They're such a beautiful family and I had a blast shooting them. Although it took awhile to get together... trying to find a nice location, and the right time, but we finally figured everything out, as the shoot turned out great :) I absolutely LOVE the images I got from this shoot, and I loved this shoot all in itself. It was a lot of fun, and I believe they enjoyed it too. It was their first time taking portraits on location, rather than in the studio, and they said it was different and fun! It seriously just made me love my job even more :) I love love love what I do, I can not express that enough. I love capturing these precious moments. Anyways here is the bulk of my favorites, out of many!
Beautiful family :)
Here is a sneak peek of the Christmas cards I will be making this holiday season! Book now for the holidays! This is one out of many to choose from! Sorry I couldn't make this image any bigger for you guys.

Luca and Mateo :) Brothers! So cute.

I absolutely love this story book picture.
This location was a score! I loved the forest look to it. We don't get this look much in Phoenix, so it was lucky to find. Like I said, I love the story book images, they are definitely my favorite.

Then we decided to do some of Lisa and Marco alone, the kids needed a little break ha :) Can you say adorable!?
Now how cute is this!? 
And now we decided to give baby Mateo a little shoot himself, since Lisa was desperately in need of some pictures of him! And let me just say, oh my is he adorable.

Okay, so he wasn't actually sleeping, but it definitely looks like it huh?? I was definitely happy with this image :)
Baby :)))
He is just to, to, too adorable.

Baby feet, so precious. 

Love this last image. I just love baby feet, so adorable.
I absolutely loved this family shoot, I can't wait to do more! 
The Tartaglia family is just darling.
That's all for now, check back soon! Have a great Thursday and the weekend is almost here!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Aids Walk 2009

SO, I've been promising you guys this blogpost for awhile, so here it is :)
I've been quite busy actually, and have tons of stuff to show you. A beautiful family session, two portrait sessions, Breast Cancer walk, and I have some exciting shoots coming up. I'm shooting another wonderful family this weekend, hopefully an engagement session, and get ready for this... I booked my very FIRST WEDDING! I am so unbelievably excited :) I have lots of shoots in the process of being booked, and I'm also doing Christmas cards this season, so book now for holiday season! I'll post some of the Christmas cards I make soon, so stay tuned for that. Anyways so, that's a little bit of what is going on with me :)

Now the Aids Walk I supported..
These are some shots of the Aids Walk I supported on October 4th, 2009, yes I know I know, 2 and a half weeks ago! Well, I'll start off by saying this was the first walk I've ever supported or been to, and I loved it. Loved it so much that this past weekend I photographed a Breast Cancer walk up in Flagstaff, don't worry you'll hear all about it on the blog in another post. My boyfriend's Mom does this Aids Walk just about every year, and this year she invited me and Jacob my boyfriend and of course I brought my camera, I couldn't pass up these shots in downtown Phoenix, and it was for such a good cause. A lot of people attended as you will see in the shots below as a lot of money was raised also. The turnout was great :) Enjoy!

I love this shot :)
Like I said, the turn out was great! SO many people supported the Aids Walk. I had to walk up a couple flights of stairs to get this shot, but it was definitely worth it.
Just before the walk started all these birds came flying by, it was amazing.
Also, right before the walk, this group was marching down the street playing music and dancing. I loved it, and I absolutely love this shot, it's my favorite :)
One of the organization groups that played a big part in supporting & donating.
I loved these people with the umbrellas. I think they were trying to have the lady with the microphone on stage mention them, because she was doing shout outs.
Tons of dogs were there also! It was so cute, I just had to take some pictures :) This is one of the walks where bringing your dogs is very, very supported, and everyone loves it.
How cute is this puppy, with the jersey and everything :)

I love dogs, but I always refer to them as puppies, ha :) This puppy was definitely the cutest! Awe, they're just all so cute!
And lastly the team that I was with that supported :)
They were great! And all these pictures can be purchased at in the Aids Walk 2009 gallery if you are interested!

That's all for now, have a great rest of the week!
Off to prepare tomorrow's blogpost of a beautiful family, so check back!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Lilies :)

I seriously can't get over how beautiful the World we live in is. Lately just every aspect of this world is so incredible to me, it just blows me away. And I love photographing it :) Honestly, there's nothing I'd rather do. I just love it :) It makes me appreciate everything around me. I LOVE THIS STUFF! Period. There's no better way to put it. Check out these beautiful lilies I took pictures of this past weekend, and I seriously couldn't get enough of them! I think I spent literally an hour photographing them, as although it felt like seconds. I think they're so beautiful :) I'd love to hear what you guys think!

UPDATE: I'm in the process of getting some blogposts ready. The Aids Walk I supported, a portrait session, and a beautiful family session I shot on Sunday :) And I'm getting ready for some big things here, I'm shooting in Flagstaff this weekend, a Breast Cancer walk at NAU, and then some portrait sessions! If your not busy Saturday and would like a session in Flag email me, there's still spots left! But don't worry I'll be doing this sort of thing again! And NEW branding! Tell me what you think!


I love photographing water droplets!
I love the colors :)

Monday, October 5, 2009

Taylor | Portraits

SO, in case you guys haven't seen this beautiful amazing girl around, this is my absolutely gorgeous little sister Taylor. I took this session of her while we were vacationing over the summer in North Carolina, yes I know that was some time ago, but I decided to blog about it right now anyway :) 

These pictures just absolutely blow me away looking at her, she has grown so much  in these past years. As so have I and my other gorgeous little sister Haley, you probably remember her from this POST. I love photographing my sisters, because these sessions are "bonding" times for us, we have so much fun together, and they are willing to do almost anything for me to get the right shot. At first they're like UH, seriously Whitney? But in the end they say it's all worth it. What are sisters for honestly? I love my little sisters, and look forward to capturing more of their lives through my lovely camera! Enjoy, and leave some love! She is an absolutely beautiful girl!

NOTE: I made some minor changes to this blog post, I really don't know how these images escaped the blog! SO, I decided to add them, I feel like I do this a lot, but honestly I've been having a lot of tech difficulties this past month. Working between two computers, two softwares on two different computers, pictures tend to get a little jumbled. And with these specifically when I imported them, they somehow mixed in with all my other pictures, don't ask me how, I think computers have a mind of their own sometimes! So, thanks for bearing with me :) I hope you enjoy these 3 beautiful pictures I added below!

I had to put this on the blog! She is just so beautiful :)
Love the freeness of this image, everything just flows :) And honestly how did I let this escape the blog?? This is my favorite!

This spot was amazing! Although we ran out of time at this location because the beautiful sun was going away :/ Although this is what I managed to capture! I love it!
You cannot tell me she's just not absolutely stunning! Jealous much!

She's a beauty :)

Can't you just feel the water rushing up on your feet, as your toes sink into the soft sand? One of my all time favorite photos!
Love laughter :)
My famous foot picture, gotta love it! 

The sun makes her hair shine! It's beautiful.

Jumping ;)
She's grown into such a beautiful girl, and if you know her, you'll agree!

That's all for now, but check back in a couple days to see what I captured at the Aids Walk I supported yesterday :)