Friday, September 25, 2009

Mia | Portraits

Well, this has got to be one of the most adorable shoots I've ever had! Although I shot this in Pennslyvania over the summer, I've neglected to blog it until now! And I honestly don't know why, these pictures are so, so, so, CUTE :) I love every last one of them, and in saying that I couldn't choose which ones to blog I just liked them all! Looking through these pictures I honestly just love photographing children, because they are just purely themselves, in these of Mia on the swing, she could have cared less that I was shooting her. As I feel like I captured her laughter, her smile, the most adorable little girl that she is :) Although I guess, it's not always that easy, because in the beginning Mia wasn't digging my camera too much, but once you get them going they are merely themselves. And I love capturing people that are "themselves" because I want your images to be all about you, and if your not yourself they who are these pictures of? You see what I'm saying.. I hope I'm making sense! Just don't be afraid to be yourself, okay, got it, good! :) I hope you guys enjoy these as much as I do because this group has got to be my favorite batch of pictures! Check back until next time.. I'm shooting a couple this weekend, so look forward to that. And also a big step for business has come into play! New online viewing and ordering galleries for my clients! Check it out here @ and order a print or two :) If you have a session up please feel free to email me to get your password! Have a great Friday! Now enjoy:)

She is too precious!

Isn't she just beautiful :)

Laughter is my favorite. How can you not smile when you look at this?:)

I love this series, her beauty shines!

I absolutely love this image. Favorite. Favorite. Favorite. Period.

Okay so this ^ means I have absolutely too many favorites. How cute is she? She loved this flower, such a cute moment!

Her smile is contagious isn't it!?

I felt this picture stood beautifully on its own as well as in the group.
That's all for now, check back early next week for my couple session! Have a great Friday & weekend:)

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