Sunday, August 23, 2009

So Long Sweet Summer.

So as probably most of you know summer is coming to an end. Although for me it's a start to a great new beginning, but I will never forget this summer that I graduated from highschool, my business started off great, I went so many great places that I just constantly took pictures, it was a great summer. And now I say goodbye to this summer and look forward to a great first day of college tomorrow on my 18th birthday no less :) I swear tomorrow is going to be a great day, one that I won't forget! So I decided to post this recap of my summer kinda post so you can see just about everything that I did, I hope you enjoy! Oh and by the way shooting Sydney's first birthday party & baptism this weekend went great :) Look forward to the images!

With that said this is where my summer began: On a plane to JFK airport in New York!

And then it took me to here, the lovely beaches of the Outer Banks in North Carolina after a 9 hour drive from Montville, New Jersey! I thought this shell was very well kinda cute :)

Oh this lifeguard chair was so fun! Every kid there loved it... so here we have from left to right Kyla, Keegan, my beautiful sister Taylor, & the lovely Meghan!

I also saw so many great animals, flowers, & just neat little things on my vacation. This bird was amazing! It, & many others came swarming around our boat since someone decided to start throwing food in the water! I won't name any names now, but I got some good shots out of it :)

Well this is what our night life looked like out here on the beaches :) We had the band going, dancing, the glow sticks, I mean who could resist this! We always get quite a crowd at our gazebo that just want to join us in all our crazyness!

And we ended the last night there were with these neat little sparklers :) They were a lot of fun!

So now on to where my next trip began: We drove the 9 hours back to Montville, New Jersey, then drove to Pennslyvania for the day, then the last 2 days of our trip were spent in New York City!The city was amazing, more amazing than it ever was before because I was constantly taking pictures, it was an image frenzy there! Here is a few pictures I got of some mimes :) I thought they were interesting.

And oh the amounts of people there :) It is nuts, but I love it!

Postcard picture anyone? Well that's what they said on the tour bus that we were on :) That is the first time we ever went on a tour bus in New York City, before we've always just walked or took an occasional taxi, but oh the tour bus was amazing :) I saw everything!

I love graffiti in black and white :)

Saved the best for last! New York City! The city that never sleeps :) I loved it there!

So now I'll wrap this post up with this lovely image that I think resembles mere relaxation. Which I won't be having for long. Considering I am now going to school full time, running my business, & working part-time. Although I am fully confident that I will succeed :) Photography is my passion and there is no way I will give this up for anything.

Hope you enjoy this post :) Have a great evening, it is almost my 18th birthday!


Marice said...

Nice summer recap Whit!
No sunrise shot? COme one we woke up early for those!!!

Mark said...

All these pics i see r very good.Keep up the good work.