Saturday, August 8, 2009

Kyla & Connor | Portraits

So blog readers, on a side note I'm glad to inform you that I am feeling much better than when I last blogged. Yay! I am so thankful this sickness is finally over. And I seriously hope I am never sick like that again! Anyways, so this brother and sister pair below are so darling. Kyla and Connor are some of the cutest kids I've ever met and so fun to be around. They were also part of the "Beach crew" that went to the Outer Banks this year. We had tons of fun during this shoot and they got very into it which made it a blast! With that said, here are a handful of my many many favorites! I hope you guys enjoy and are having a great weekend!

Oh, and also note I've been playing around with my branding. I just can't decide! But, I will let you know I'm looking into getting a permanent logo so hopefully you'll see that around soon!

This is my absolute favorite :)
Absoultely adorable :)

Everyone thinks I have this crazy obsession with taking pictures of feet. But, I think the pictures turn out cute :)

Okay so I had to add this one in too. I wasn't sure but ah I just love it :) TOO many favorites.
Have a great Saturday! Let me know what you guys think I love hearing from you!

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