Friday, August 21, 2009

A Love story.

Well blog readers I'm feeling inspired today so I wanted to share something with you about myself and let you know what I'm up too :) So this weekend I am shooting a one year old's birthday party & baptism! I start my first day of college on Monday and it's my 18th birthday! The weekend after that I am doing a shoot with a group of teenage girls for a birthday party, I am so looking forward to this session! So excuse me if I'm not on here for the weekend or early next week! But look forward to these sessions! And I am still working on my trip pictures from New York City, those are next stay tuned!

Anyways, these are the portraits I took lastnight of myself & my boyfriend of a little over two years now. His name is Jacob, he's the best in everyway, and makes me so happy. I attempted these self portraits of me and him, with absolutely no tripod.. but with a self-timer on my camera and setting up the random objects I used to prop the camera up. It was quite fun :) And what can I say I'm a young women in love, in love with these pictures, and in love with photography as a whole :) It's honestly my passion. It's a love story :) And for those of you who've never met me, well here's me! I hope you enjoy. As you can probably tell I'm so in love with these images this first one below is my new header!

I am absolutely in love with this image of us. I really just want to get it printed big, on canvas, and hang it on my wall, ah I am so in love :)

Love :)

Love kisses on the forehead :)

Blogged twice in one day! I'm proud, ha :) That's all for today, see ya soon!

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