Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Kayla | Portraits

Kayla is probably the sweetest little girl I've ever met and she's so fun to be around :) She's full of energy & fun! As you can probably tell she is also part of our "beach crew" that goes to beach every year for fourth of July and oh you can just tell she loves it so much! She was very sad when we all had to pack up and leave again, but honestly who isn't!? This is the vacation all of us look forward too year round! I had a lot of fun taking her portraits and can't wait to see her once again! She is so cute :) Hope you guys enjoy :) Also note lots of more stuff coming soon!

Uhm, adorable! Right :)

Gotta save the best for last :) Another foot picture! They're seriously my favorite, I mean look at those cute little feet!

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