Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Jay & Christine | Portraits

So blog readers, your probably wondering where is this girl!? Maybe, maybe not but for the few of you that stumble upon this blog unfortunatley I'm bed bound. I have a terrible ear infection that is causing me to run a fever and have a sore throat. At first the doctors thought I had tonsillitis and strep throat, but no they were wrong and gave me the wrong antibiotic. Yes, this has been going on for two weeks. I am on another antibiotic and am on my way to recovery! Thank goodness, although my diet strictly consists of chicken noodle soup, popsicles, a ton of OJ, and rest. Sounds like tons of fun I know, ha yeah right! I should probably be sleeping right now, but no I am choosing to blog for all you blog readers :)

In that case, here are the lovely portraits of the lovely Jay and Christine. They have become great friends of mine over the years. I first met them when my sisters and I were invited to be part of their "beach crew". You see every year for the fourth of July a group of four families and now my sisters' and I go to the Outer Banks of North Carolina, they rent out a beach house, while there is water ballon lauching, fireworks on the beach, the band, relaxation, and just over all tons of fun. I took these portraits at our beach house in Corolla, North Carolina otherwise known as the Outer Banks of North Carolina. What a beautiful place for photography and the perfect get away for relaxation. I enjoyed every minute of my vacation there. Especially the part when I got to take everyone's portraits! Don't worry these other blog posts will be coming soon :)

For now I hope you enjoy these portraits of Jay and Christine, although I must admit it was a little stressful shooting this session, simply because Jay is photo buff himself, so I was a bit nervous, but overall this session was a blast and I loved how they turned out :) Have a great night blog readers, I am off to get some more rest so I can get back to you soon!

Adorable :)

Really, now how cute are they?

I love laughter :)

Holding hands, so classic. Love it. Period.

My favorite series!

Definitely my favorite :) I seriously just love them all!

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