Sunday, August 9, 2009

Jack | Portriats

Jack, Jack, Jack. So Jack, was also part of our "Beach Crew" this year, for his first time. He definitely seemed like he had a good time with us, and I'm sure we'll invite him back :) He's from Florida and came to visit his aunt and uncle... remember the lovely Jay and Christine yep that's his aunt and uncle and they took him to the Outer Banks with us. It was a blast! And with that said here is the mini session of portraits I took of Jack. When I say mini session I literally mean this session lasted all of 5 minutes! I got some great shots, and I hope you guys enjoy these... until next time! See ya soon :)

I love the warmth in this shot :)

Ah, I just love this image :)

What a tough guy! haha that's just the impression this picture gives off :)

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