Sunday, August 23, 2009

So Long Sweet Summer.

So as probably most of you know summer is coming to an end. Although for me it's a start to a great new beginning, but I will never forget this summer that I graduated from highschool, my business started off great, I went so many great places that I just constantly took pictures, it was a great summer. And now I say goodbye to this summer and look forward to a great first day of college tomorrow on my 18th birthday no less :) I swear tomorrow is going to be a great day, one that I won't forget! So I decided to post this recap of my summer kinda post so you can see just about everything that I did, I hope you enjoy! Oh and by the way shooting Sydney's first birthday party & baptism this weekend went great :) Look forward to the images!

With that said this is where my summer began: On a plane to JFK airport in New York!

And then it took me to here, the lovely beaches of the Outer Banks in North Carolina after a 9 hour drive from Montville, New Jersey! I thought this shell was very well kinda cute :)

Oh this lifeguard chair was so fun! Every kid there loved it... so here we have from left to right Kyla, Keegan, my beautiful sister Taylor, & the lovely Meghan!

I also saw so many great animals, flowers, & just neat little things on my vacation. This bird was amazing! It, & many others came swarming around our boat since someone decided to start throwing food in the water! I won't name any names now, but I got some good shots out of it :)

Well this is what our night life looked like out here on the beaches :) We had the band going, dancing, the glow sticks, I mean who could resist this! We always get quite a crowd at our gazebo that just want to join us in all our crazyness!

And we ended the last night there were with these neat little sparklers :) They were a lot of fun!

So now on to where my next trip began: We drove the 9 hours back to Montville, New Jersey, then drove to Pennslyvania for the day, then the last 2 days of our trip were spent in New York City!The city was amazing, more amazing than it ever was before because I was constantly taking pictures, it was an image frenzy there! Here is a few pictures I got of some mimes :) I thought they were interesting.

And oh the amounts of people there :) It is nuts, but I love it!

Postcard picture anyone? Well that's what they said on the tour bus that we were on :) That is the first time we ever went on a tour bus in New York City, before we've always just walked or took an occasional taxi, but oh the tour bus was amazing :) I saw everything!

I love graffiti in black and white :)

Saved the best for last! New York City! The city that never sleeps :) I loved it there!

So now I'll wrap this post up with this lovely image that I think resembles mere relaxation. Which I won't be having for long. Considering I am now going to school full time, running my business, & working part-time. Although I am fully confident that I will succeed :) Photography is my passion and there is no way I will give this up for anything.

Hope you enjoy this post :) Have a great evening, it is almost my 18th birthday!

Friday, August 21, 2009

A Love story.

Well blog readers I'm feeling inspired today so I wanted to share something with you about myself and let you know what I'm up too :) So this weekend I am shooting a one year old's birthday party & baptism! I start my first day of college on Monday and it's my 18th birthday! The weekend after that I am doing a shoot with a group of teenage girls for a birthday party, I am so looking forward to this session! So excuse me if I'm not on here for the weekend or early next week! But look forward to these sessions! And I am still working on my trip pictures from New York City, those are next stay tuned!

Anyways, these are the portraits I took lastnight of myself & my boyfriend of a little over two years now. His name is Jacob, he's the best in everyway, and makes me so happy. I attempted these self portraits of me and him, with absolutely no tripod.. but with a self-timer on my camera and setting up the random objects I used to prop the camera up. It was quite fun :) And what can I say I'm a young women in love, in love with these pictures, and in love with photography as a whole :) It's honestly my passion. It's a love story :) And for those of you who've never met me, well here's me! I hope you enjoy. As you can probably tell I'm so in love with these images this first one below is my new header!

I am absolutely in love with this image of us. I really just want to get it printed big, on canvas, and hang it on my wall, ah I am so in love :)

Love :)

Love kisses on the forehead :)

Blogged twice in one day! I'm proud, ha :) That's all for today, see ya soon!

Isabella & Matthew | Portraits

Isabella & Matthew, what darling little kids :) All they wanted to do was play from the minute I saw them, as soon as I walked through the door it was like something from a movie both of them peeked around the corner giggling and being shy and that was all it took for me to fall in love with their cute little faces. They are just absolutely adorable. Although, I didn't get to spend as much time with them as I would have liked to shooting wise and just overall playing with them, here are the very few images I managed to capture from them. This shoot was done in White Plains, New York actually where I was born & raised for two years until me moved to Arizona as I've been here for 16 years now :) Although I must say this shoot was very heart-warming because it was like this could have been me... if we never would have moved I would have had pictures in this same place, it was strange to think about. Anyways, I adore this part of town, and would really like to visit more often than once every couple years! I hope you enjoy this post, because ah they are so adorable :)

Now how cute is he!? :)

This is my favorite of her :)

She kept moving her hand trying to fix her hair it was really cute :) And all she kept asking was are you taking a picture of me... let me see, let me see, she was very interested in my camera & kept wanting to pose & what not! This is why I love my job :)

Beautiful White Plains, New York :) I love New York, just wait til you see my post about New York City!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Keegan & Meghan | Portraits

So as you can probably tell from the scenery Meghan and Keegan are also part of our beloved "beach crew". And honestly what a beautiful brother, sister pair :) Also, maybe Keegan looks familiar from this portrait POST I did of him earlier this summer, check it out! I love those photos. But these ones are just as much fun :) They are so cute, & I really hope they had fun doing this shoot because I got awesome images that I love so much. Thanks guys, gosh I am just so happy I have awesome clients! I hope you enjoy these as much as I do!

Okay, now this photo above I'm so happy with the way it came out, its so fun :) I managed to get everything in the frame I wanted and ah I am just so happy with it, with the gorgeous blue sky, ah these images have to be some of favorite I've ever taken.

So this image above, is probably one of my absolute favorite photos I've ever taken! I honestly just love everything about it, the way they're standing, to the shadows, to the clouds, to the black & white. I just love it :)

How cute is this!? Really now, so adorable :)

The lifeguard chair was really fun!

And I'll end it with this :) I hope you guys have a wonderful day & feel free to leave some love, I love hearing from you!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Kayla | Portraits

Kayla is probably the sweetest little girl I've ever met and she's so fun to be around :) She's full of energy & fun! As you can probably tell she is also part of our "beach crew" that goes to beach every year for fourth of July and oh you can just tell she loves it so much! She was very sad when we all had to pack up and leave again, but honestly who isn't!? This is the vacation all of us look forward too year round! I had a lot of fun taking her portraits and can't wait to see her once again! She is so cute :) Hope you guys enjoy :) Also note lots of more stuff coming soon!

Uhm, adorable! Right :)

Gotta save the best for last :) Another foot picture! They're seriously my favorite, I mean look at those cute little feet!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Jack | Portriats

Jack, Jack, Jack. So Jack, was also part of our "Beach Crew" this year, for his first time. He definitely seemed like he had a good time with us, and I'm sure we'll invite him back :) He's from Florida and came to visit his aunt and uncle... remember the lovely Jay and Christine yep that's his aunt and uncle and they took him to the Outer Banks with us. It was a blast! And with that said here is the mini session of portraits I took of Jack. When I say mini session I literally mean this session lasted all of 5 minutes! I got some great shots, and I hope you guys enjoy these... until next time! See ya soon :)

I love the warmth in this shot :)

Ah, I just love this image :)

What a tough guy! haha that's just the impression this picture gives off :)

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Kyla & Connor | Portraits

So blog readers, on a side note I'm glad to inform you that I am feeling much better than when I last blogged. Yay! I am so thankful this sickness is finally over. And I seriously hope I am never sick like that again! Anyways, so this brother and sister pair below are so darling. Kyla and Connor are some of the cutest kids I've ever met and so fun to be around. They were also part of the "Beach crew" that went to the Outer Banks this year. We had tons of fun during this shoot and they got very into it which made it a blast! With that said, here are a handful of my many many favorites! I hope you guys enjoy and are having a great weekend!

Oh, and also note I've been playing around with my branding. I just can't decide! But, I will let you know I'm looking into getting a permanent logo so hopefully you'll see that around soon!

This is my absolute favorite :)
Absoultely adorable :)

Everyone thinks I have this crazy obsession with taking pictures of feet. But, I think the pictures turn out cute :)

Okay so I had to add this one in too. I wasn't sure but ah I just love it :) TOO many favorites.
Have a great Saturday! Let me know what you guys think I love hearing from you!