Monday, July 27, 2009

Raphael | Portraits

Raphael is my friend from Germany and he was here in the United States for about 6 months. He was staying with our family friends the Chernak family, I'm sure you will see this lovely family on this blog one day! Raphael has since returned home to Germany, and I took his portraits right before he left. We all miss him dearly! Although I must admit, we took these during some harsh lighting conditions, but I made it work :)

I enjoyed learning about Germany from him and can't wait for the opportunity to visit that part of the world someday. Now I have him to show me around :) What a photo experience that would be huh? Someday, someday! I hope you guys enjoy the black and white portraits of Raphael, have a wonderful night :)

Definitely my favorite from the day :)

We thought this could be his "In-N-Out" Burger commercial :)

Saturday, July 18, 2009

New Sessions!

Okay blog readers, I know I've been slacking a little bit here but it's time to get back to posting :) I've recently just returned home from my vacation and went so many great places, I had the time of my life taking pictures everywhere I went. Although there's thousands of images I'm evalutating and let me tell you it's a bit stressful! Also considering not only do I try to manage WhitneyBphotography, but I work at Justice (a little girl's clothing store). I love my job there, but since I've returned home I've worked everyday. Next week it won't be so much overload! Hopefully by next week or so I will have all these sessions up :) So look forward to that and also an overview of my trip and all the great places I went. But for now I hope you enjoy this small preview of the sessions I'm working on! Let me know what you think :) I love your insight!

Kyla and Connor portraits :)

Jay and Christine Portraits

Raphael Portraits my friend from Germany :)

Monday, July 6, 2009

The Fourth of July.

I don't know about you guys but my Fourth of July was filled with oos' and ahs' as the fireworks burst with color and boomed with excitement. And of course I had my camera close at hand :) They are a bit challenging to capture but I believe I got some good shots. Here's a small preview of the shots I snagged of the grand finale that night... ****ALSO my comment link is now working, so feel free to leave comments on here or email me at Can't wait to hear from you :)


I've seen many flowers during my travel on the east coast and I wanted to show you guys some of my favorites of the ones I've captured. Someone once said they believe this is my strong point after looking through my pictures (thanks Christine :) She said, "You've learned how to capture them just right, their angles and everything." I appreciate the compliment and take it in with a smile :) After all I believe flowers are a beautiful little things, that make the world sparkle. The little things really do matter.

Shayla | Portraits

Here is all of the Shayla portraits like I promised! Hope you guys enjoy these as much as I did taking them :) Banjo and Shayla were definitely fun to work with and be around, and hey they already asked for another session with Shayla, her friends and their horses! I'm definitely looking forward to that as soon as I get home!

Banjo is gorgeous :)

Cute candid :) Banjo was being very uncooperative at this moment!

Sunday, July 5, 2009


So here's some info for you blog follower's... First off I hope you enjoy my new posts :) Second look forward to the rest of Ellie portraits when I get home, and the rest of Shayla soon! Third I hope you guys had a great Forth of July, I got nice shots from yesterday of the beautiful fireworks here at the beach so look forward to those! Lastly have a great day, I'm going to lay out at the beach now! See ya soon :) Email me at .

Mini Session | Keegan Portraits

So this is the cutest little boy I've ever met! He was so much fun to photograph :) Hope you guys enjoy!
This is my favorite from the session :)
I was very proud of this shot, I'll admit it!

Mini Session | Haley Portraits

So I've been working on a lot of mini sessions while I've been here on the east coast, the scenery is just so different it's been fun to photograph in different settings :) I've been snagging pictures left and right! So here's a mini session of my sister Haley! Enjoy :)
So, I couldn't decide wether to go black and white or color here... so let's have a vote! Tell me what you think at!! Thanks :)

Definitely all her personality in this picture :)

Small Preview | Shayla Portraits

Hey guys! So I'm back posting! I've brought some of my work with me while I was on vacation so I wanted to show you guys a small preview of what I've been working on with the portraits I took of Shayla and her horse Banjo. (I know things may seem a little unorganized at the moment, because I still don't have the rest of Ellie portraits up, but I didn't bring those with me!) As soon as I get back home things will start flowing a lot better :) So thanks for all your patients! Here's a preview of Shayla portraits :) The rest will surely be coming soon of her and Banjo!

He was a lot of fun to work with, but a little scary I must admit :)

Thursday, July 2, 2009


We're leaving to drive to the Outer Banks in North Carolina! Sadly there will be no posting while I'm there, there is no Internet :( I will try to get some where with WIFI so I can post some things because I know while I'm there I will be editing away :) So everyone will be feeling anticipation! Anticipation to get where I'm going, for me to be posting again! So much anticipation... look forward to my new posts! *Also NOTE the NEW BRANDING, tell me what you guys think! I'm trying to decide now, because I kinda like it :) Email me at, see ya soon!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Eye of the Photographer

Well I was having a bit fun shooting pictures of myself through this mirror and really thought this shot was interesting and the editing just gave the picture a feel to it which helped me decide how to edit the picture of the below photographer that I shot in the chaos of New York City. I really don't know why but I have some sort of obsession of taking pictures when I see other photographers shooting, it's just ah amazing to me to watch them. Its like some day I want to be doing what they're doing, or I want to try what they're doing or shooting. I'd just thought I'd share that little fact with you :) So the images below are sort of behind the scenes a chance for you to see a different view of things and see us photographers at work, I hope you enjoy! *Note blog readers NEW BRANDING, but it will surely change back when I return home, I'm just using different equipment while I'm on vacation so I apologize, thanks! Let me know what you think! Email me at, my comment link is still under construction!

Daisies :)

Well great news, looks like I will be posting images!! So blog readers I made it too Virginia tonight, nothing but rain let me tell ya! It's a great change though from a 100 degree weather in Scottsdale! I can't believe it's almost 1:30 AM here and I'm still up blogging, but I wanted you guys to be able to see these daisies I shot in Montville, New Jersey covered in rain drops :) So enjoy!