Monday, June 29, 2009

Small Preview.. Ellie | Portraits

Well blog readers I've been trying really hard to get this thing up and running before I leave tonight at 11:45 PM to fly to New York and then drive to North Carolina for a TWO WEEK vacation on the beach. Unfortunately I don't think there will be any way I can blog while I'm there, I know I know! I'm freaking out too! Don't worry any chance I get to post something I will, but I can't promise any images :( But what great photo opportunties I am going to have while I'm there, I already know I may be taking a family's Christmas picture while I'm there! I'm excited I've left some things for you to look and I know my blog still needs some fixing but bear with me and I will get it sorted out! I know right now my post comment link doesn't work, but I'm working on it! And also feel free to email me at if you'd like to tell me something, ask questions, and leave me comments on there! I hope you guys are enjoying my blog so far, and I'd like to show you a session I'm currently working on.. and also let you know I'm working on two other sessions I did recently but sadly I won't be able to post them til I return to AZ. The sessions are of Shayla and her beautiful horse Banjo and Raphael my friend from Germany! But here is a sneak peek of Ellie portraits!

She's the cutest!

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