Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Beginning..

Hey everyone! So this is my first post and I must say I am pretty excited about it! I'm excited to finally start something with my photography, the aspect of art I've become completely fond of. I've been studying camera techniques for about a year now, mostly working with film photography but know there is still so much to learn! And I'm ready to take it all in :) I also just got my first digital SLR, and boy do I take it everywhere with me! Digital is a whole new world, in some ways and I'm definitely excited about working with digital, but still love my film! So I wanted to show you guys some of the first prints I did while working with fim photography in the darkroom. These photographs are of my friends Jenna and Anthony, they are very photogenic! Although, they are not actually engaged this is what I thought an engagement session to be and what it would look like somewhat. Just a beautiful young couple. I loved taking their pictures and it was just as much fun printing them :) Thank you for the opportuniy guys!

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