Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Good News!

So blog readers it looks like I will be able to do some posting while I'm on vacation!! Although I don't believe any new images will be posted until I return home to AZ, I know bummer right!? But I will be able to update you guys on what I'll be seeing along my journey here on the east coast and boy have I already seen some amazing stuff! And there's way more to come! Although I've seen it all before, I must say it's from a completely different perspective this time around while starting my career in photography. There's just so many angles to things I've never noticed, ah I love art :) Well blog readers look forward to my image posts in a couple of weeks, as I went to a Yankee game tonight and roamed around the beautiful sleep less city of New York otherwise known as The Big Apple, Manhattan, I think you get the idea :) Thanks for reading and I'll keep you updated on my trip blog readers!

P.S. This time difference thing is really throwing me off here on the east coast! Have a great night or morning whatever time it may be near you :)

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