Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Good News!

So blog readers it looks like I will be able to do some posting while I'm on vacation!! Although I don't believe any new images will be posted until I return home to AZ, I know bummer right!? But I will be able to update you guys on what I'll be seeing along my journey here on the east coast and boy have I already seen some amazing stuff! And there's way more to come! Although I've seen it all before, I must say it's from a completely different perspective this time around while starting my career in photography. There's just so many angles to things I've never noticed, ah I love art :) Well blog readers look forward to my image posts in a couple of weeks, as I went to a Yankee game tonight and roamed around the beautiful sleep less city of New York otherwise known as The Big Apple, Manhattan, I think you get the idea :) Thanks for reading and I'll keep you updated on my trip blog readers!

P.S. This time difference thing is really throwing me off here on the east coast! Have a great night or morning whatever time it may be near you :)

Monday, June 29, 2009

Small Preview.. Ellie | Portraits

Well blog readers I've been trying really hard to get this thing up and running before I leave tonight at 11:45 PM to fly to New York and then drive to North Carolina for a TWO WEEK vacation on the beach. Unfortunately I don't think there will be any way I can blog while I'm there, I know I know! I'm freaking out too! Don't worry any chance I get to post something I will, but I can't promise any images :( But what great photo opportunties I am going to have while I'm there, I already know I may be taking a family's Christmas picture while I'm there! I'm excited I've left some things for you to look and I know my blog still needs some fixing but bear with me and I will get it sorted out! I know right now my post comment link doesn't work, but I'm working on it! And also feel free to email me at whitneybphotography@ymail.com if you'd like to tell me something, ask questions, and leave me comments on there! I hope you guys are enjoying my blog so far, and I'd like to show you a session I'm currently working on.. and also let you know I'm working on two other sessions I did recently but sadly I won't be able to post them til I return to AZ. The sessions are of Shayla and her beautiful horse Banjo and Raphael my friend from Germany! But here is a sneak peek of Ellie portraits!

She's the cutest!

Sadie Lynn | Portraits

Well blog readers, this cute little munchkin is my youngest cousin! She is adorable :) You'll be seeing plenty pictures of her! She makes for cute pictures and I love photographing her even though its a struggle sometimes but what kid isn't! Here's a few of my favorites I've snagged recently!

She loves to swim :)

Andria | Graduation Ceremony Session

So graduation is a pretty big deal huh? The cap, gown, your diploma, but most of all the pictures that go along with it! These pictures were taken at my cousin Andria's graduation. This was one of my first photo shoots with my new digital SLR and also my first shoot at night! I was worried that the pictures would turn out blurry because there wasn't enough light and was suprised that they came out as well as they did! I was quite pleased with the way they turned out, and Andria liked them too :) She's big into photography also. Need-less to say here is a few of my favorites I snagged after the graduation ceremony.

This is my favorite picture of these girls :) They're beautiful!
Andria and Amanda, her mom :) Andria and Tanner, the boyfriend!
Andria with her parents after the ceremony :)

Glenn/ Cardenas Family | Portraits

So here is the rest of my favorites from the Glenn/Cardenas family session! Such a beautiful family! Enjoy, hope you like it :)

This is my favorite from the day :)

The dog needed to get in the picture, how cute!

Brother and sister, perfect!

Black and whites :)

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Small Preview | Glenn/ Cardenas Family Portraits

So I took some family portraits of this beautiful family :) This is actually my boyfriend's family, I love them so much! These were taken right before Dominique moved to California. So Rene wanted some nice family portraits, so I jumped at the opportunity! I loved how they came out, and I hope they did too! I'll put up a few pictures from the shoot now and more will be coming soon, so stay tuned bloggers!

Beautiful family:)

The Beginning..

Hey everyone! So this is my first post and I must say I am pretty excited about it! I'm excited to finally start something with my photography, the aspect of art I've become completely fond of. I've been studying camera techniques for about a year now, mostly working with film photography but know there is still so much to learn! And I'm ready to take it all in :) I also just got my first digital SLR, and boy do I take it everywhere with me! Digital is a whole new world, in some ways and I'm definitely excited about working with digital, but still love my film! So I wanted to show you guys some of the first prints I did while working with fim photography in the darkroom. These photographs are of my friends Jenna and Anthony, they are very photogenic! Although, they are not actually engaged this is what I thought an engagement session to be and what it would look like somewhat. Just a beautiful young couple. I loved taking their pictures and it was just as much fun printing them :) Thank you for the opportuniy guys!